Yin Media is a creative business solutions provider. We conceive, design and implement functional, aesthetic and sustainable multimedia ideas.


At Yin media, logos, branding items, websites and promotional materials not just  pretty things. They are purposeful and functional. They communicate the core essence of brands. We approach problems from a dynamic point of view, always challenging normative thinking. We encourage open and intelligent dialogue that unravel unseen and underutilized potentials and opportunities.



We specialize in video production, motion graphics, website design and development, multimedia content development, graphic design and creative business ideas.

Web Design

We incorporate the vision and values of your business and express them visually.

We  keep an eye on your company's goals, and create websites that help you engage and communicate effectively with your audience.

Engaging and captivating motion content, that promote and achieve marketing goals with ease.

Video Production

Logo Design

 Marketing and Creative Strategy


 We create winning bids, well researched consumer insights, marketing strategy and offer other services that position and profit  businesses in the market economy.

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